Parent Education

Sunbeam’s Parenting Education services support parents who are working hard to break the cycle of abuse and create a safe, nurturing, loving home for their children.  

Nurturing Parent Skills

Through this 12-week class parents learn how to: 

  • Manage feelings, communicate needs, be empathetic, and take charge of their own behavior. 
  • Establish nurturing routines including bedtime and mealtimes. 
  • Give and receive healthy touch. 
  • Replace hitting and yelling with more effective discipline techniques.

This class can be customized for different audiences including parenting teens, grandparents raising their grandchildren and parents of special needs children. 

FOR DHS WORKERS: This sign-up form does not replace the Referral for Contracted Services. To submit a DHS referral, please send the ISP and a Referral for Contracted Services to the contact information below.

Sunbeam was granted the Parent Education Classes from DHS, formerly run by Family Builders, on July 1, 2023. Family Builders was founded in 1976 with a dedication to break the cycle of abuse and violence in families and bring healing to those relationships following abuse. Their programming served over 1,500 families each year and closed June 30, 2023.