High-Quality Early Care & Education for Your Child

Sunbeam is a leader in early childhood care and education. We are enrolling children ages birth to 3 in our early education programs and partner sites in Oklahoma City. This FREE program is open to income-eligible families with childcare subsidy. 

Sunbeam offers:

  • Each room has 2 teachers engaging with 8 children, instead of 1 teacher watching 8 children.  
  • Access to FREE physical and dental examinations, immunizations, health screenings, and any necessary follow-up services. 
  • FREE healthy, tasty snacks and meals. 
  • Support for children with disabilities. 
  • FREE support for your family outside of school. 
  • Centers are clean, safe, and fun. 
That’s why we were voted Metro Family Magazine’s Favorite Child Care Center in 2023!

Learning Begins Long Before A Child Starts Kindergarten

Scientific research shows relationships with adult caregivers build a strong foundation of neural connections in the brain by age 3. Access to high-quality early childhood education is essential to the future success of babies, toddlers, and their families. Children who are not prepared to start school at age five are at risk of never catching up, leaving an achievement gap that can persist throughout their entire lives. This gap can be linked to social and economic problems later in life, including illiteracy, teen pregnancy, and high dropout rates.

Sunbeam's Early Education Centers Prepare Children for Success

With support from donors and community partners, Sunbeam’s early education centers prepare young children from prenatal to five to enter kindergarten with the skills necessary to be ready for school – and beyond. 


Thanks to support from donors and community partners, Sunbeam’s early education centers provide children from under-resourced neighborhoods with high-quality Early Head Start education through Home Visitation services and full-day, full-year center-based services at more than 20 locations across Oklahoma City. Sunbeam’s goals align with Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework, Oklahoma Early Learning Guidelines and Creative Curriculum/Teaching Strategies (TS) GOLD curricula and assessment tools. The five major goal areas are: Social-Emotional, Language and Literacy, Approaches to Learning, Cognition and General Knowledge and Physical Well-Being. 

Sunbeam Empowers Families

Sunbeam creates a foundation for continued achievement and readiness for school by building community support among schools, teachers, and families. Families are involved in every aspect of their child’s learning and development, as well as their own personal and professional development. 

  • Family Advocates help families problem-solve, locate resources within the community, and to set and achieve goals.  
  • Through the monthly Parent Committee Meetings, families have the opportunity to meet and network with other families to share ideas and engage in discussion about their children’s learning and experiences.  
  • Families involved in the Policy Council participate in program planning and decision making, including topics such as: program goals and objectives, policies and procedures, program monitoring, and program funding proposals. 
  • The Health Services Advisory Committee and Education Committee provide families with opportunities to assist with the guidance of health-related services and classroom curriculum activities. 
  • Families are invited to volunteer in their child’s classroom, apply for employment opportunities, join in Parent-Child Interaction activities, and participate in monthly Parent Education Workshops. 
  • Male/Father Engagement activities are offered monthly to encourage father figures and male family members to be actively involved in their child life, learning, and child rearing. 

Join the Sunbeam Family to help children and their families learn, grow and thrive!