Open Your Heart and Home

On average, 8,000 children are in DHS custody throughout Oklahoma and have entered the foster system due to severe neglect, abuse or a parent’s incarceration or death. Children deserve safe, loving homes where they can grow and thrive.

Caring individuals and families make a difference in the lives of children in Central Oklahoma who need stability, guidance and community.  Through the Foster Care program, Sunbeam works with families in Canadian, Cleveland, Grady, Kingfisher, Lincoln, Logan, McClain and Oklahoma counties.

Foster Care is in our historical DNA and we continued to place high-level priority in providing support to both foster children and the loving families who opened their homes to them. Sunbeam has served Oklahoma’s children in foster care for over 100 years.

Become a Foster Parent

By opening your home and heart, you may be a child’s first experience with an adult who lovingly cares for their needs. It’s more than providing a safe shelter: it’s about letting a child experience the loving kindness of a family – your family.

Sunbeam provides safe, stable homes and loving families to children ages 17 and under. After recruiting and training new foster parents, Sunbeam’s Foster Care program provides ongoing support, case management, and access to our wraparound services to ensure long-term success. Our case managers were on call 24/7 to assist with any need, and we provided training and support to ensure our foster children are in a safe, nurturing, and caring environment.

Sunbeam’s Counseling services are available to support foster parents and children. Additionally, children in foster care have priority placement in Sunbeam’s Early Childhood centers.

Children leaving our foster care program were either reunited with their birth families, placed with kinship families, in a higher level of foster care, in tribal foster care, or adopted by their Sunbeam Foster Families.

I want to be a foster parent

For more information contact Simyra Cooper at 405-609-8931 or

Respite Home

Respite homes provide short-term, valuable care for a supported home while they are on vacation, need to make out-of-state visits, and more. Respite parents can be single or married, but must be over the age of 21 or older and complete certification and training.

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You Can Support Foster Children and Foster Families

When children leave their homes they often have nothing – not even a tooth brush. Please help us support children in Foster Care by donating most-needed items.

Foster Care Wish List

To make a financial or in-kind donation contact Sarah England, Grants and Donor Services Manager, at 405-609-8994 or email

Community Impact

Last year:

  • 109 foster children were placed in loving homes with families who make them feel safe, valued and loved.
  • Sunbeam provided 15,415 days of care in partnership with 30 certified foster homes.
  • According to OKDHS, 67% of children in Foster Care are moved at least one time. 94% of the children placed by Sunbeam maintained their placement last year until they were able to return home, were placed in an appropriate kinship or were adopted.