Thank Your for Investing in our Community

Sunbeam’s admin and fundraising costs are less than 10 percent, so every $1 donated 90 cents goes directly to helping our community.

The Power of Partnerships

Partner with Sunbeam and join the movement to help our central Oklahoma neighbors learn, grow, heal, and thrive.  For more information contact Jane Meeks at 405-609-1755 or

Volunteers are Essential to Lighting the Way

Volunteers like you are crucial in supporting Sunbeam’s mission. Learn more or contact Jane Meeks at 405-609-1755 or

Join Friends of Sunbeam

Friends of Sunbeam, Sunbeam Family Services’ volunteer auxiliary group, provides valuable volunteer, in-kind and financial support to Sunbeam’s programs, as well as providing encouragement and support to Sunbeam Staff. Learn more or contact James Meeks at 405-609-1755  or

Join the Beacons

The Beacons connects young professionals interested in making a difference in their community and Oklahoma City metro area through engagement with Sunbeam Family Services. Learn more or contact Jane Meeks, at 405.609.1755 or

See Your investment in Action

Take a Beacon of Hope tour at Sunbeam’s  Educare Oklahoma City or Emergency Senior Shelter – the only shelter for homeless seniors in the state!  Contact Angie Doss at or call 405-609-2311

Open Your Heart and Home

Caring individuals and families make a difference in the lives of children in Central Oklahoma who need stability, guidance and community.  Through the Foster Care program, Sunbeam works with families in Canadian, Cleveland, Grady, Kingfisher, Lincoln, Logan, McClain and Oklahoma counties. Learn more or contact Simyra Cooper at 405-609-8931 or

The Impact of Your Legacy

A life insurance policy with the designated beneficiary as Sunbeam Family Services is one small step you can make to have a long-lasting impact on the lives of low income families in your community. Did you know you can…

  • Donate appreciated stock?
  • Include Sunbeam in your will?
  • Transfer your IRA to Sunbeam?

Learn more about leaving a legacy. Call Angie Doss at 405.609.2311 or

Cause  Marketing: Invest Your Passion with Our Mission

Light the way for central Oklahomans by inspiring people to their love of your business with our mission.  For more information contact Jane Meeks at 405-609-1755 or   View our Cause Marketing Guidelines.