Our Mission

At Sunbeam, our mission is to provide people of all ages with help, hope, and the opportunity to succeed through Early Childhood, Foster Care, Counseling and Senior Services.

Sunbeam’s programs and services address the physical, mental and emotional health of our clients. This holistic approach means many of our clients benefit from two or more of our service programs

Sunbeam is building stronger, brighter futures for central Oklahomans. We shine a light on the needs of our community and empowers families and individuals to achieve self-sufficiency.

Last year:

  • Sunbeam impacted 14,597 individuals in Central Oklahoma.
  • 3,110 senior adults received safe and caring support through the Senior Services program, a 14.3 percent increase over the previous year. This program impacted an additional 5,061 family members through the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Caregiver Fundamentals and Foster Grandparents programs.
  • 559 Oklahomans received compassionate counseling services, a 25.3 percent increase from the previous year which impacted 839 family members.
  • 741 children enrolled in Sunbeam’s Educare Early Childhood Center, partner sites, and Home Based Care, a 20.6 percent increase from the previous year. Our holistic services impacted 2,542 family members who were supported by our Family Advocates.
  • 109 foster children were placed in loving homes and Sunbeam wrapped services around 97 foster parents and their biological children.
  • 1,711 individuals received trainings, such as employee assistance, English as Second Language classes, and first-aid.
  • Our admin and fundraising costs are less than 10 percent, so every $1 donated 90 cents goes directly to helping our community.

Our Vision:

Our community will be respected and modeled for how we care for our children, families, and seniors.