Building strength, resilience in individuals and families.

Our Mission

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At Sunbeam, our mission is to provide people of all ages with help, hope, and the opportunity to succeed through Early Childhood, Foster Care, Counseling and Senior Services.

“Thanks to Sunbeam, I was able to continue my education. To me, Sunbeam is my family. They have been such an amazing support to me!”  
-Kerstin,  a mom of two children, finished her education at Emerson Alternative High School, while her sons participated in on-campus Early Head Start program, operated by Sunbeam Family Services.

“I do not know what I would do without the guidance and counsel I have received from my Sunbeam case workers! They are always there, always responding, and always have my back. They have worked hard to protect me and my girls.” -Kim, Sunbeam foster mom who adopted her two daughters in February 2015

“Sunbeam is important because it changes families. By helping me achieve better emotional health, it will change my family, my children’s family and more. Giving me the tools to stay emotionally healthy will have a lasting effect.”
-Anita, Sunbeam Counseling Center client

“Trust me, I have been all over the world, and there is no place like Sunbeam!”
-Richard, Air Force veteran who was brought to Sunbeam Emergency Senior Shelter. Staff worked with him to find a job and permanent housing.