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Keeping Loved Ones Safe

What Is Care Trak?

The Care Trak system is a bracelet that works as an emergency locator transmitter. The bracelet, designed for individuals who are prone to wandering, emits a radio frequency that can be picked up by a receiver. When a family discovers that their loved one is missing, they call the Oklahoma City Police Department, who manages the tracking system receiver, and tell them that the loved one is wearing a Care Trak bracelet. The mobile receiver picks up the radio signals from the person’s bracelet, which is registered with the police department.
Care Trak has found thousands of missing persons since its inception in 1986, but this partnership marks the first time the program has been used in Oklahoma. The bracelet, meant to be worn 24 hours a day, looks similar to a watch and can be worn on the wrist or ankle.

Who Qualifies?

Individuals who have been diagnosed by a doctor with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, autism, Down syndrome, traumatic brain injury, or cognitive impairment qualify to receive the Care Trak bracelet. Individuals must also be an Oklahoma City resident, have full-time caregiving and supervision, and no longer drive but who are at risk of wandering by foot.

How do I Get Care Trak for My Loved One?

Cost varies depending on household income and scholarships, and payment arrangements may be made. Sunbeam Family Services works with families to make the device affordable. Call  to learn more about the Care Trak bracelet at 405.609.8939. News Channel 4 recently featured the Care Trak system. To view the program, visit KFOR.

Did You Know?

Care Trak has been used nationally

since 1986

Positive outcomes with average national rescue times under

30 minutes

Depending on a family’s income, the Care Trak bracelet is offered on a sliding fee scale and scholarships may be available.