Restoring Dignity, Supporting Friendship, and Maintaining Stability

Sunbeam seeks to give Oklahomans who paved a way for current generations a safe and loving support system through our Senior Services program. The goal for our one-stop assistance program for senior adults is to encourage independence and self-sufficiency by helping seniors stay active in their lives, connected to their communities, find permanent housing, and living in their own homes for as long as possible.  

Learn more about Sunbeam’s Senior Services programs:

For assistance, email or call 405.609.6551 .

Other Resources to Support Seniors

There are more options available to help seniors such as:

Community Support

According to AARP, nearly seven baby boomers turn 65 every minute. This is expected to continue into the 2030s.  Oklahoma seniors experience poorer health choices, higher poverty levels, and more depression than the national average. Oklahoma also consistently ranks as one of the top states in the nation for grandparents raising their grandchildren. Ninety-four percent of clients served by Sunbeam’s Senior Services program were at or below the poverty line, which is $1,041 per month for one individual. 

Thanks to support from donors and community partners, during fiscal year 2019-2020: 

  • 1,392 senior adults stayed active, connected to their communities, found permanent housing, and were supported living in their own homes. 
  • 817 caregivers received support, including 336 grandparents and their grandchildren, and 119 respite clients. 
  • 149 Senior Companions provided quality, in-home support and companionship to 330 homebound seniors, and 35 respite homes. 
  •  96 homeless seniors received care at the Senior Shelter and found safe, permanent homes .
Provided by Sunbeam Family Services through a Title III Older Americans Act Grant from Areawide Aging Agency and community partners. The Caregiver Fundamentals Program makes no distinction on the grounds of race, color, gender, age, ancestry, national origin, religion, or disability. A portion of the project costs are met by state and federal Older Americans Act funds from Areawide Aging Agency and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Aging Services Division. There are no costs to participants; however, donations are accepted. Suggested donation per services: Information Services, $1/activity; Access Assistance, $1/activity; Support Group, $2.50/meeting; Respite, $2.50/visit; School Supplies, $5/family; and Training Seminar, $5/seminar.