Friends of Sunbeam

Friends of Sunbeam, Sunbeam Family Services’ volunteer auxiliary group, provides valuable volunteer, in-kind and financial support to Sunbeam’s programs, as well as providing encouragement and support to Sunbeam Staff.  Friends of Sunbeam makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of Sunbeam clients year after year.

2021 – 2022 Friends of Sunbeam

Diana Harden, President
Barbara Hill, Vice President
Dona Canterbury, Treasurer
Judy Cropper, Secretary

Carolyn Bean
 Phyllis Brawley
Linda Burns
Peggy Burris
Bernest Cain
Dona Canterbury
Judy Copper
Debra Glidden
Steve Grigsby
Candy Herrald
Caitlin Hinman
Evelyn McCoy
Karen Mobly
Phyllis Morrow
Jennie Penner
Shirley Perkins
Rampriya Ramkumar
Becky Roten
Joane Schmidt
Jeanne Shaughnessy
Phyllis Stong
Gail Wernick
Leslie Woolery