Building strength, resilience in individuals and families.

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A Comprehensive Philosophy

Sunbeam Family Services operates out of the belief that to help strengthen individuals and families, you have to look at the needs of the whole self. This holistic approach recognizes that when individuals come through our doors for Early Childhood services for their children, they may also have needs for food, clothing, shelter and education. Foster children need a loving family to provide a home and senior adults in Sunbeam’s Emergency Senior Shelter need permanent housing, but sometimes they also need access to quality counseling to help them with the trauma of abuse, depression and grief. Our goal is to address these needs so that our clients build strength and resilience to overcome adversity. In addition to our services, we are proud of our collaboration with other social service agencies who share this philosophy and help us connect clients to other resources in our community.

Sunbeam Announces Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Emphasis

Building Healthy Brains: Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
Mental health is an element of all of Sunbeam’s services to clients, including our work with children. Sunbeam is a leader in the area of infant and early childhood mental health, with a focus on building healthy brain development, offering help to support and enhance positive, nurturing relationships between infants, very young children and their caregivers through Sunbeam’s Early Childhood, Foster Care and Counseling and Senior Services Grandparents Raising Grandchildren programs.

A partnership with the Arnall Family Foundation allows Sunbeam to increase the central Oklahoma community’s access to infant mental health services through collaborations with the child welfare system, peer nonprofits who serve children birth to five, the legal community, higher education, mental health providers and early childhood educators and pediatrics. The grant supports an intentional focus on the child welfare and court systems to address the significant numbers of children, age birth to five, in foster care and developing Sunbeam’s infant and early childhood mental health staff.