Happy 10th Birthday, Educare Oklahoma City! 

It all started with a dream and a belief that children deserve the best early childhood education possible. Driven by a desire to prepare infants and toddlers for school success, 10 years ago Inasmuch Foundation,  Sunbeam and many community partners opened the doors of Educare OKCView the list of  Educare OKC capital campaign donors. 

“For me, it has been tremendous to look back and think what one school, what one cause, could do.  I see a very long-term future here for something that is so critically important for our city and our state.  In just the first decade of Educare OKC being available to families, Sunbeam has exported the best practice of early head start to more than 20 early childhood schools around OKC.  Instead of only 120 students and their families benefiting from high-quality early care and education, now 680 students have access.  Imagine what Educare OKC will accomplish in the next decade…the future is bright.” – Robert J. Ross, chairman and CEO of Inasmuch Foundation 

As Sunbeam’s flagship Early Education Center, Educare OKC is part of the Educare Learning Newtork. This network of schools is widely respected as one of the nation’s most effective early childhood models and uses an approach that extends beyond the classroom to help children, families, and neighborhoods thrive. As its incubator of best practices from around the country, Sunbeam leverages the expertise at Educare OKC by sharing it with all of its early education centers across Oklahoma City. 

Working together, we will continue building a foundation for achievement and school readiness for children and familiesMake a donation today to support bright futures tomorrow. 

 View photos of Educare OKC over the last 10 years.

Sunbeam Family Services is a Leader in Early Care and Education 

Children who are not prepared to start school at age five are at risk of never catching up, leaving an achievement gap that can persist through-out their entire lives. 

Sunbeam is committed to helping children develop strong social skills, including self-confidence, and emerge better prepared for kindergarten. By nurturing early learning, Sunbeam, their community partners, and their families work together to close the achievement gap for our children. 

To help children and families thrive in our community, Sunbeam provides services for families who might normally have difficulty in accessing high quality, early learning and care programs by working through challenges and finding individual pathways to success.  

By providing full-day, full-year center-based services in more than 20 locations across the Oklahoma City metro, including Educare Oklahoma City, families are able to invest in their children during this crucial period of development. Our Child Care Partnership centers provide clean, safe, and fun environments for learning. As the Early Head Start provider for central Oklahoma, we offer a low teacher to student ratio, where children are able to receive more personalized attention from highly educated staff.  

We’re investing in the minds of tomorrow’s innovators and looking to the future. Sunbeam’s Early STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Initiative nurtures early learning and closes the achievement gap of children whose families face the greatest number of obstacles for success. STEAM education focuses on a student-centered learning environment where students engage in questioning, problem solving, collaboration, and hands-on activities. 

The Early STEAM Initiative is igniting curiosity and learning in young children who are sharing their passion for exploring the world with their families. Parents are crucial to fostering, guiding, and building on their children’s curiosity. 

We know families are essential to the success of a child, and each family has a dedicated Family Advocate who actively helps problem-solve, locate resources within the community, and achieve child and family goals. Families are also invited to volunteer in classrooms and are encouraged to apply for employment opportunities. Parent-Child Interaction activities and monthly Parent Education Workshops are offered to provide additional growth opportunities. This holistic approach addresses the needs of the whole family, including the personal and professional development of the parents as life-long learners themselves.