What age children do you serve?

Our programs are designed for pregnant women, children 0-3, and then 3-4 year olds in our Pre-K collaborations classrooms.

What type of child-care do you offer?

We look at each individual child and work with the family to determine their areas of strength and their challenges in order to provide the highest level of care and education for every child entrusted to us. We use assessment data, family experiences, and social setting observations to help make sure every child develops to their fullest potential.

What are the qualifications for the program?

We are a federally funded Early Head Start and Head Start grantee/delegate for central Oklahoma. We provide high quality, comprehensive services for pre-natal through age five in a variety of program options with a focus on low-income families and children.

We have an application process

What are the hours of operation and the schedule for the school year?

Each of our locations have individual hours and days of operation, however we are a full day, full year program for all children.

How do I get my child enrolled?

Simply call or email one of our enrollment staff: Betty Wilson, 405-609-3308, at bwilson@sunbeamfamilyservices.org, or Trenna Grayson, 405-605-8232 at tgrayson@sunbeamfamilyservices.org

What do I have to do as a parent when my child is in the program?

Our programs expect parents to be involved in their child’s care and education. You can do this by volunteering in the classroom, on committees, or for events. Or simply by making sure your child is at school each day on time, reading books at home, and planning for your child’s future successes!

Do you help children with special needs or with a disability?

Yes we do! Our programs accept children who have already been identified with a disability through a SoonerStart Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) or a public school Individualized Education Program (IEP). Additionally, with their knowledge of child development, our teaching staff and family advocates work with parents to identify concerns they may have about their child’s development. If a concern arises, we facilitate child referrals to the appropriate agencies to enable identification of developmental delays and disabilities, which may qualify the child to receive special education and/or other related services. We also work with independent speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy providers to secure services on-site for children who may qualify.

I have a foster-child- can you help?

Yes- Foster children are “categorically eligible” for Early Head Start and Head Start and therefore are a priority for enrollment in our programs. As our programs offer comprehensive services, we develop an individualized plan for each child that best serves his or her needs. As a foster child, this might include including birth parents or grandparents, supporting schedules with external partners such as DHS or other such appointments.

I would like to work with this program, what do I need to be a qualified applicant?

Our Sunbeam facilities are Oklahoma 3 STAR licensed and NAEYC accredited programs, as are many of our partner site locations. We look for Early Childhood Education-degreed applicants as well as Certificates of Mastery and CDA’s in Pre-k and Infant/Toddler. Our Family Support staff hold degrees in Social Work and Psychology, and our Mental Health Team are all LCP’s.

I would like to see one of your centers, who do I contact?

We love to give tours and share our unique, high-quality facilities with our community. You may contact any of our facilities directly, or email the Early Childhood Services Director at pgates@sunbeamfamilyservies.org.