Enroll Your Child

Your Children Deserve the Best. Enroll Them Today in Free, High-Quality Childcare!

Sunbeam is a leader in early childhood education and is now enrolling children ages birth to 3 in early education programs in Oklahoma City. These programs are like daycare, but offer more benefits to children and their families. Your child will get more attention and care!   This program is FREE- there is no cost to your family.  

  • Each room has 2 teachers engaging with 8 children instead of 1 teacher watching 8 children.  
  • Access to FREE physical and dental examinations, immunizations, health screenings, and any necessary follow-up services. 
  • FREE healthy, tasty snacks and meals. 
  • Support for children with disabilities. 
  • FREE support for your family outside of school. 
  • Centers are clean, safe, and fun. 

Who can apply?

  • children who qualify for DHS subsidy  
  • children from families who receive public assistance, such as TANF or SSI  
  • children with disabilities
  • children in foster care, regardless of income  
  • children from families with incomes below the poverty guidelines  
  • children being raised by their grandparents  
  • children from families experiencing homelessness  
  • pregnant women 

How do I learn more information about enrolling my child?
 Apply online, call 405.609.3308  or email enroll@sunbeamfamilyservices.org.  

Educare Oklahoma City
500 SE Grand Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK  73129

Educare Oklahoma City provides comprehensive Early Head Start and Head Start early childhood education to 180 infants and toddlers in Oklahoma City.

Each of the infant and toddler classrooms supports three teachers to every eight students, and students stay with the same teaching team from the time they enroll to the time of transitioning to their preschool classrooms. These small class sizes, high staff-to-child ratio and emphasis on attachment are maintained to provide individualized care to the children. In addition, every attempt is made to include at least one bilingual teacher in every classroom, in order to better meet the communication needs of Spanish-speaking children and their families.

Children in Educare OKC have access to an on-site health coordinator and are provided free medical, dental, mental health and family support services. Educare OKC was recognized as an Oklahoma A+ School, which makes Educare OKC the only A+ School serving children from birth to age three. Oklahoma A+ Schools® adhere to a set of commitments that include daily arts instruction, experiential learning and enriched assessment, nurturing creativity in every learner.

Pierce Early Education Center – Now Open!

Sunbeam opened Pierce Early Education Center, which was repurposed as part of OKCPS’ Pathway to Greatness Plan.  This education center  prepares 96 toddlers and babies from birth to three for school readiness and will be run by Sunbeam staff.

Emerson Alternative High School – Little Wonders,  715 N Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK  73102
US Grant High School  – Little Generals,  5016 S. Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, OK 73119

Emerson Alternative High School and US Grant High School Head Start programs provide support for teen mothers, attending Emerson Alternative High School or US Grant High School, with children age birth to three.

Sunbeam , in a partnership with Oklahoma City Public Schools, provides teen mothers and their children with nurturing learning environments where they can grow and thrive in an environment especially designed to meet the unique challenges of teen parenting. The children also receive developmental screenings, including medical and dental screening, to ensure that they are healthy and ready to learn.

Teen mothers and teen families also receive additional comprehensive support through Sunbeam’s program at Emerson Alternative High School. They participate in monthly educational meetings that cover a wide range of topics, including car seat installation, water safety, proper nutrition, HIV prevention, pregnancy prevention, etc. The guidance focuses on equipping mothers with guidance and support to ensure proper growth and development of their child or children, as well as the encouragement they need to graduate from high school.

Tony Reyes Bilingual Child Development Center
5716 S. Western, OKC,  73109

dsc_4261The Latino Community Development Agency, through their Tony Reyes Bilingual Child Development Center provides early learning opportunities for children birth to three years old. In a long-standing partnership with Sunbeam, the Tony Reyes Bilingual Child Development Center implements high quality Early Head Start services for 32 children, and their families, who come from homes where English is a second language.

At Tony Reyes, the goal is to introduce English, while encouraging parents to continue speaking their first language. Tony Reyes is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and is a full-day, full-year bilingual educational and childcare program.  At Tony Reyes, developmental screenings, including medical and dental, are provided to the children.

Additional partner sites include:

Childcare Network #204
1050 SW Grand Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Linwood Early Learning Center
3034 NW 17th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

Little Gators – Gatewood Early Learning Center
1821 NW 21st St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Little Hearts
913 NW 92nd Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73114

Southwest Child Development Center
830 SW 31st Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73119

Woven Life
701 NE 13th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73104