Building strength, resilience in individuals and families.

Our Staff and Board

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Our leadership team oversees the daily operations of Sunbeam Family Services with pride for and dedication to the mission. They are experts in their fields and inspire their teams with knowledge and creativity that encourages results in making a difference in the lives of children, families and seniors.

Board of Directors

The Board comprises community leaders and professionals who support our mission and give selflessly of their expertise, time and resources to help Sunbeam move forward. Board responsibilities include approving the annual budget, setting policies and procedures, raising funds and awareness and participating in strategic planning. 

President, Tony Welch
President-Elect, Robert Ruiz
Secretary, Candy Herrald
Treasurer, John Turner
Luke Atkinson
Todd Bondy
Dan Buckelew
Peggy Burris
Larry Davis
Chris Dozier
Cindy Fairchild
Sarah Glick
Nico Gomez
Kelly Gray
Steve Grigsby
Robert Harbison
Chris Harrison
Estela Hernandez
Candy Herrald
Mark Potts
Joe Ray
Sarah Roberts
Robert Ross
Robert Ruiz
Phyllis Stong
John Turner
Robin Waters
Tony Welch
Robert Wood

2017-2018 Beacons Board


Luke Atkinson, President
Bethany Marshall, Secretary
Braden Wilson, Secretary
Catherine Divis, Board Development Chair
Jordan Johnston, Board Member
Ted Perry, Board Member
Jenefar DeLeon, Board Member
Katelyn Gleason-Dockery, Board Member
Tyler Whiteside, Sponsorship Chair
Lynde Gleason, Board Member
Suzy Loveless, Board Member

Friends of Sunbeam

Peggy Burris, President
Phyllis Stong, Secretary
Becky Roten, Treasurer
Deanna Atkinson
Janna Barnes
Carolyn Bean
Shirley Belkham
Linda Burns
Peggy Burris
Bernest Cain
Patty Casteel
Carolyn Caudill
Kay Culp
Donna Curry
Steve Grigsby
Diana Harden
Estela Hernandez
Candy Herrald
Barbara Hill
Joy Joseph
Linda Lowry
Sherry Maynor
Evelyn McCoy
Karen Mobly
Terry Moser
Jennie Penner
Shirley Perkins
Marjorie Ramana
Becky Roten
Joane Schmidt
Jeanne Shaughnessy
Phyllis Stong
Mary Lynn Sullivan
Lorrie Williams
Leslie Woolery